It’s always great to hear what our fellow citizens have to say about their experience with our AmazingE, Level 2, Travel-Friendly EV Charging Station!

Five stars

First impression is that this is a great charger (AmazingE FAST 32A). I was a little concerned because it is hard to gauge the size from the pictures, but I was pleasantly surprised that the whole thing is larger and sturdier than I had expected. My Chevy Bolt immediately recognized the charger when I plugged it in and after a few hours of charging there was very little heat coming off of the block (just mildly warm). The car charged much faster than the regular 120v plug that comes with the Bolt EV.

-Dan H.

Great Charger

This charger works great for my 2018 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced. I’ve had no problems at all with it. Sure nice to charge my car in just over 2 hours instead of over 5 hours with the 120-volt charger that comes with the car. No whistles or bells, just plug it in and it charges the car. That’s exactly what I wanted.

-David K.

The AmazingE is awesome.

It’s made in the USA and is safety certified. It requires a dedicated 240-volt circuit. If you already have a 240-volt, 20-amp, NEMA 6-20 outlet don’t fret, go to a home supply store and make an adapter. You can’t go wrong with this Amazing EVSE!

– J. Murray

Works great,

affordable charger with good internals. Cord is long enough for most applications.

– K. Prom

Five Stars

Love this charger! Great quality and it works perfectly.

– Hailey G.

It is truly AmazingE

I am very impressed with the product, I would recommend it to anyone. Charged my 2016 Chevy Volt in 4 1/2 hours.

– Richard B.

Great price and reliability

I waited a year to write this review because you never know how a product is going to hold up after just a week. My last charger overheated a lot during the summer months and this one didn’t have any overheating issues. It’s a great price also.


Quality & Value

So far, so good. I plugged it in, it charged my car…fast (>3X faster than stock level 1). Build looks solid. UL Listed. Customer service and support provided by Clipper Creek. I haven’t found anything else that matches the quality at this price.


Installed 1 year ago, have used it every day, works great!

This was the economical solution to satisfy the needs of my Prius Prime. Installed the outlet and charger in the garage near the power panel. Would recommend to anyone, would buy the same item again.

– Utopar

More than just a cable

They are a resource to help and installation. Easy videos allowed me to buy all the parts for the 240v socket myself and I would have installed it myself if I was not nervous. My electrician had a good laugh at the “3.8kW of goodness” written on the label. He took all the details down and will list installing these when customers ask what kind of work he does.

– Dave RCI

Know what you need!

Here’s the thing people, you need to know what amps your vehicle will accept as a max and purchase the level two that gives it the max amps! Just so you know!

– Woz

Charges 3x Quicker than Level 1 EVSE!

Tried the imported portable L2 units, and sent 2 back before I discovered this one. Installation & wiring instructions are very clear. Although our new Pacifica Hybrid could charge quicker with a 30A EVSE, this one does the job in 4-5 hours, which is just fine with us. Highly recommended!


Made by Delphi which is a supplier for General Motors

This charger is made by Delphi which is a supplier for General Motors. The same company supplies the Chargers for the brand new Chevrolet Bolt. I purchased this charger for my 2014 Chevrolet Volt and, as expected the charger works flawlessly. Even the cord is listed Made in the USA. This charger is a really good deal because you’re getting OEM quality at a discounted price.

-Brent and Caitlin

Best product I’ve purchased on Amazon yet!

I absolutely love this product. Charges my EV quickly and safely. Best part is it’s AMERICAN made so you know it’s quality and meets or exceeds safety standards. Buyer this is the ONE you want!


Good Quality Components

Good Quality Components – The cord is solid, the strain relief looks good. Clipper Creek makes the circuit board and they have one of the best reputations in EVSEs Read More

Been working great

with my Gen 1 Volt. Seems good quality. Delivers minimum 1 whole charge a day for 2 months so far, no reliability issues.

– Daniel L.

It really is Amazing!

Works great, charges in half the time of the 120 V charger…

-SB Bob

Just as advertised! It works great!

Great product that works, charging times for my Ford CMax down to 2.2 hours from 6.5. Highly recommended.

– Sid B.

More miles on the charge

Works great on my 2015 Leaf. I usually get around an 84 mile charge with my level 1 charger. With the AmazingE I get a 91 mile charge in less than half the time.

– Peter S.

Arrived quickly and works great!

Bought this because it was safety tested and certified, arrived quickly and works great!

– James G.

Well-built, gets the job done, great price, safety certified…

Unit does what it is supposed to do, simple, well-built, safety certified… Charges at 16 amps, 208 or 240 volts… NEMA 14-30 plug, it does the job well… Love the shopping bags too…


Five Stars

Best EV Charger for the money. Works great. Bought the entire kit. AmazingE charger. Cable mount. And charging port socket. Easy install. Went from 7 hours on a plug in hybrid to 2 hours with this setup!


Five stars

Great charger. Can charge my 2017 Volt at its maximum rate.

– Michael B.

Great portable level 2 charger

This charger is Awesome! Very light and easy to use. Just plugs in to an outlet I already have so it’s very portable and I can take it with me. Charges my 2015 (half-full) leaf in about 4 hours. I like that it’s made in the USA and has US based customer service if it needs it. Most importantly it is safety tested and certified. Some of the chargers were not safety certified and that was scary to me – why take the chance?


Works great. High quality materials

Works great. High quality materials. It looks just like the one in the Chevy Bolt, but higher power. Also faster charging.

– Martha M.

Well made (in USA), quality product

Fast Level 2 Charger. Agree with the other reviews — don’t buy the import version that isn’t UL Listed, with an inferior guarantee and a company you can’t call on the phone. This is what you need. I’m charging a Nissan Leaf with this Level 2.

– Electronics Whiz

Five Stars

Great charger! Charges my Honda Clarity in about 3 hours. Great improvement over the stock charger supplied by Honda.

– Midisync

An Amazing EVSE for the price!

I’ve been extremely pleased with this EVSE. I’ve been using it to charge my 2017 Ford Focus Electric. So far it has reliably charged my vehicle every night. While it doesn’t have the features of some of the other EVSEs, it allows the Focus to completely recharge during it’s average 12 hour stay in the garage each night. Typical electric vehicles will charge at about 10 miles / hour with this EVSE. While it doesn’t include scheduling options, most EVs, including the Focus, have that support on-board to schedule charging for lower energy rates.

Hanging it on the wall was straight forward using mounting screws available at any hardware store. I added a bracket to allow the cord to be coiled up. The 20 foot cord is adequate, but I would recommend that a future version offer a 25 feet cord as an option.

All in all the product is excellent, it’s price competitive with the China-made EVSEs without any safety certification, but this one comes complete with UL listing, giving me peace of mind that my house isn’t going to burn down overnight.

– Matthew S.

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